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      Welcome to Raju Bakery & Traders

Streams of hungry customers arrive at a bakery with a specific craving. Ingredients, cooks, and ovens must be carefully managed to produce the right food to keep customers happy. The goods produced by Raju bakery share similar ingredients, so choice is important and is always a trade-off between recipes. We are specialized in making customized items and gifts for special purposes like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other special occasions .

We manufacture a large variety of cookies, cakes and other snacks in a variety of flavors as per customer’s requirements. We can manufacture an extensive range of customized biscuits and cakes in a variety of flavors including: orange, coconut, chocolate and elaichi.

We use best quality ingredients: flour (wheat, maida), low calorie sweetener or sugar, additives, food colors, butter. We make the eatables with or without eggs, depending upon client’s requirements. We procure these raw materials from the reputed suppliers and use them only after checking them for quality and hygiene